Affiliate Networks

Find your codes/URLs to run your campaign below.

Tracking link


Pixel tracking (conversion)

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Pixel tracking (impressions; views)

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This example describes the campaign of the game "Far Cry 3" in which we measure its sales. Pixel tracking (to measure conversion) is pasted on the thank you screen (that is, where the user sees a message that the game has been purchased by him successfully). Additionally, you can put Pixel tracking (to measure views) on the page from which the user is redirected to us (that is, where your ad is pasted on your affiliates sites).

Parameter Description
source Source of the user. E.g.: newsletter,, twitter, JohnDoeWebsiteA, JohnDoeWebsiteB
medium The ad unit. E.g. link, baner320x300, email-linkTop, link-footer, baner-rightColumn
campaign Campaign name
partner Name of the affiliate who takes part in the campaign
conversion_id Conversion ID - thanks to that we are able to measure any number of conversions in the campaign
redirect The URL where the user will be redirected to

At the "admin panel » network tools" you can use the campaign wizard. To use it, run an additional module that supports affiliate networks in the "configuration".