A perfect tool for starting, optimization and tracking your own Affiliate Program yourself. Boost your sales and traffic!

Everything under control

The flexibility of The Affily is limitless. You have control over everything and if there is something missing for you, the panel can adjust the panel to your needs. Click and it's done!

Ergonomic panel

Riveting design, slick interface and great User Experience will make your everyday work pure.... joy. Everything will be clear even for the first time.

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Our tracking monitors and reports from



impressions, clicks and calculated commissions


Creating affiliate campaigns has never been so simple. The wizard will guide you step by step through the entire process. The average time for creating a campaign is 2.5 minutes, and each step is clearly explained. So that you know at all times how to do it best.


The campaign wizard of your Affiliate Program has been divided into four easy steps.

Step 1: Specify name and description of the campaign.

Step 2: With only three fields you will create:

  • Commission system, meaning how much and exactly what for you are ready to pay your Partners.
  • You determine the campaign goals and define a fixed or percentage based commission on sales.
  • Moreover – if you don't want to pay your partner a commission in cash, you can create point-based commissions and make a rule that, for instance, once they have accumulated one thousand points, they may get various prizes. Cool, isn't it?

Step 3: Here you attach adds to the campaign. You can add graphic advertisements of any size:

  • static
  • dynamic (Flash)
  • normal links
  • your own ad boxes (we have a generator for this)

Step 4: You allocate the authorizations, or who of your Partners has permission to see and participate in the process of defining the campaign . You can select one, some or all of your Partners.

The feature proves useful when you agree on different commission rates with different partners for the same actions.

Here you also set the address to which the whole campaign is supposed to direct the traffic as well as tracking time, meaning how long the internet user passed by your Partners will be tracked. It works in such a way that if you have defined tracking time for instance for 90 days, even if the user visits your site directly after several days following the redirected visit, the commission will nevertheless be counted towards the appropriate Partner, in so far as the transaction is concluded.

Campaign creation within the affiliate marketing domain is simple and quick thanks to The Affily. Check for yourself during the 30-day free of charge and non-binding trial period.

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Tracking SYSTEM

It carefully monitors each impression and click, and can calculate commission for the appropriate Partner, owing to whom there has been a transaction or other action in your system.

cooperation automation

The Affily will effectively handle your affiliate program in the End-To-End model. Both you and your partners will get connected panels that will elevate your cooperation to a brand new level.

Informative reports and analyses

Efficient optimization is possible only with the support of solid reports. Conversion rates, quick summaries, graph analyses, effectiveness analyses for selected ads, analyses of trends, traffic sources and demographic locations or automatic partner ranking will prove helpful in attaining the goal.

periodic e-mail reports

You don't need to log in every day to monitor the progress of your campaigns. What you just need to do is define the periodic e-mail reports that will be sent every morning to your mailbox, providing you a summary of indicators that you selected.

custom dashboard

You are the one to choose what you want to see and in what order in your dashboard. This is the first screen upon login, then you go to next application screens . Choose the elements crucial for you and start work the way you like.

Intuitive wizard

1, 2, 3, 4... These are the only short steps you must go through before creating your campaign and starting the promotion. Each step is adequately explained and described so that it is simple for you. Several forms, two clicks and it's done!

your own rules

Enough of working with affiliate networks. Stop giving away up to 30% of commission. Create an Affiliate Program on your own in a few steps with The Affily and achieve ROI at a significantly higher level. Take affiliation in your hands and earn more!

Simple configuration

The entire flow of work with The Affily has been designed in such a way that you will be able to start working within 1 minute after registration. No integration and dispensable forms. Just create your first campaign and invite partners for promotion.

achieving goals

You want to generate traffic? Increase your sales or the number of leads by paying your Partners using the Pay Per Action/Sale model? Our tool will handle the whole process of such cooperation. It will measure all actions and at the end it will provide you with elegant, informative reports.

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