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Pre-paid Pay as you Go payments. No contracts, you can resign at any time.

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110 $ / month

All features

300 000 clicks / month

3 000 000 impressions / month

125 000 conversions / month

7 days free without any obligations

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319 $ / month

All features

1 000 000 clicks / month

10 000 000 impressions / month

500 000 conversions / month

7 days free without any obligations

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All features

No limits

Access to source code

Dedicated server resources

Dedicated solutions


All the prices do not include VAT.

Tracking calls - each single ad impression, click in the ad and commission calculation.

Does creating the account and choosing the subscription oblige me to make a payment?

No. Everyone is entitled to a free 7 days trial period within a limited plan (3000 clicks, 30, 000 impressions, 125 conversions). After its completion the system remembers your current selection, and you can confirm, change to a different subscription or completely give up. You are not obliged to any payments. 7 days are completely for free, so you can see if The Affily is really so cool.


What if I exceed one of the limits in a given subscription plan?

We will let you know when the selected limit starts to run out. You will be able to decide if you want to top up the account. We do not automatically change your subscription.


How can I start working with The Affily?

Simply register an account that is free for 7 days. Later on you will decide which subscription meets your requirements. It is not required to provide details of your credit card before and during the trial period. There are no contracts and you may resign at any moment. Test it freely!

What kind of security do you use?

The Affily is secured with a 256-bit SSL encryption in all types of subscriptions. We meet the highest standards of security and data trading. Only you have access to them physically. They are stored in separate databases inaccessible to anyone else. We regularly make a backup copy and administrators monitor the platform on a 24/7/365 basis.


Will I be able to change my subscription plan?

Yes, you are always free to change the selected subscription at any moment. The only thing you need to do is go to the Your account tab where you can manage and make changes.


Have you got any further questions?

Contact us at e-mail address: write through Live Chat.

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